Our Venues & Party Dates


Our Glasgow event is hosted right in heart of the city, in the "Print Room Bar" of Revolution, Mitchell Street. (Formally The Tunnel nightclub) One of Glasgow's newest and highest profile nightspots. Our event has a private cocktail bar and dancefloor. Our Friday night party night runs from 8am - 3am and we know you're going to have a ball. There isn't a cooler place to Party on a Friday night in Glasgow   

FRIDAY 1st MARCH 2019 | 20:00-0300ON SALE 
FRIDAY 5th APRIL 2019 | 20:00-0300ON SALE 
FRIDAY 3rd MAY 2019 | 20:00-0300ON SALE 
FRIDAY 7th JUNE 2019 | 20:00-0300

FRIDAY 5th JULY 2019 | 20:00-0300
FRIDAY 2nd AUGUST 2019 | 20:00-0300

Glasgow Dates


When you think of a great night our in Birmingham one place springs to mind. Broad Street, That's why our Friday night Birmingham party night is held in the Mezza bar of Revolution Cocktail Bar on Broad Street! When choosing our venues we've made sure we chose only the 
top venues for amazing nights out. 
The Mezza bar is a private space open for us from 8am-3am overlooking the main bar meaning we not only have an exclusive place to party but are able to drink in the awesome atmosphere of a Friday night on Broad Street, Birmingham.
FRIDAY 15th MARCH 2019 | 20:00-0300ON SALE 
FRIDAY 19th APRIL 2019 | 20:00-0300ON SALE 
FRIDAY 17th MAY 2019 | 20:00-0300
FRIDAY 14th JUNE 2019 | 20:00-0300
FRIDAY 19th JULY 2019 | 20:00-0300 
FRIDAY 16th AUGUST 2019 | 20:00-0300

Birmingham Dates


Even in a party town like Manchester, some venues stand head-and-shoulders above others and "The Loft bar" at Revolution, Oxford Road is one of them, that's why we chose it. It's amazing atmosphere, incredible cocktail bar and a private space for our exclusive use combine to make our Manchester venue second to none. Our Friday night party night runs from 8pm--2am and we're really looking forward to seeing you there. 

Manchester Dates

FRIDAY 22nd MARCH 2019 | 2000-0400ON SALE 
FRIDAY 26th APRIL  2019 | 2000-0400
FRIDAY 24th MAY 2019 | 2000-0400
FRIDAY 28th JUNE 2019 | 2000-0400

FRIDAY 26th JULY 2019 | 2000-0400

FRIDAY 23rd AUGUST 2019 | 2000-0400


Liverpool is one of our favourite cities and that goes for our the venue for our Friday night party night too. The "Milk and Sugar bar" in Revolution, St. Peter's Square opens for our exclusive use from 8pm-4am that's right 4am! It's gonna be a ball. With an exclusive cocktail bar, free cocktail tasting and selected shots throughout the night, what's stopping you from joining the fun.

Liverpool Dates

FRIDAY 8th MARCH 2019 | 2000-0400ON SALE 
FRIDAY 12th APRIL  2019 | 2000-0400
FRIDAY 10th MAY 2019 | 2000-0400
FRIDAY 14th JUNE 2019 | 2000-0400

FRIDAY 12th JULY 2019 | 2000-0400

FRIDAY 9th AUGUST 2019 | 2000-0400


Our party nights are ticket only, so to party at them you need to buy your ticket in advance. It couldn't be simpler. Just follow the link below to book your ticket to your chosen city and date.