FRIDAY 1st MARCH 2019 | 20:00-0300ON SALE 
FRIDAY 5th APRIL 2019 | 20:00-0300ON SALE 
FRIDAY 3rd MAY 2019 | 20:00-0300ON SALE 
FRIDAY 7th JUNE 2019 | 20:00-0300

FRIDAY 5th JULY 2019 | 20:00-0300
FRIDAY 2nd AUGUST 2019 | 20:00-0300

Glasgow Dates

Liverpool Dates

FRIDAY 8th MARCH 2019 | 2000-0400ON SALE 
FRIDAY 12th APRIL  2019 | 2000-0400
FRIDAY 10th MAY 2019 | 2000-0400
FRIDAY 14th JUNE 2019 | 2000-0400

FRIDAY 12th JULY 2019 | 2000-0400

FRIDAY 9th AUGUST 2019 | 2000-0400

FRIDAY 15th MARCH 2019 | 20:00-0300ON SALE 
FRIDAY 19th APRIL 2019 | 20:00-0300ON SALE 
FRIDAY 17th MAY 2019 | 20:00-0300
FRIDAY 14th JUNE 2019 | 20:00-0300
FRIDAY 19th JULY 2019 | 20:00-0300 
FRIDAY 16th AUGUST 2019 | 20:00-0300

Birmingham Dates

Manchester Dates

FRIDAY 22nd MARCH 2019 | 2000-0400ON SALE 
FRIDAY 26th APRIL  2019 | 2000-0400
FRIDAY 24th MAY 2019 | 2000-0400
FRIDAY 28th JUNE 2019 | 2000-0400

FRIDAY 26th JULY 2019 | 2000-0400

FRIDAY 23rd AUGUST 2019 | 2000-0400


After the success of our 2018 events in Glasgow & Edinburgh, we're rolling out monthly events across the UK. Starting with our Friday night Party nights in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham & Glasgow. We're really excited to bring events to another 4 cities & know you'll love them too.

get on the guest list

Everyone loves to be on the guest list right? Well for a lot of clubs and events it's all about who you know. We're not really about that.. so every month we give away guest passes to all of our events, how do you get one?.. Simple, just ask. Email, Facebook message or DM us with your name, the event and date you'd like to be on the guest list of. We pick names from the hat every week and will let you know if you've made it and send you your pass via email. It gets better you'll get to add someone else with you too if you want. Good luck and see you there!

have fun!

Our emphasis is on fun nights out for everyone, regardless of your size or shape. just book your e-ticket, Get glammed up come along and have a fabulous time! Awesome venues with great music and an totally inclusive atmosphere are our speciality, if you love a good night out we know you'll have a great time.

Our Venues

Our venues across the UK have been hand picked with one thing in mind, you. Because we feel so strongly that the plus-size community should not be marginalised we've made sure our event venues are the best of the best. Top locations in city centres on Friday & Saturday nights, if it's not the best, it's not good enough.

The venues we've chosen are the venues that we'd want to go to., our party night have all the benefits of a great night out in a cool bar, but with the added benefit of being private events in exclusive rooms and areas within the venue,.

Book your tickets now.

Booking your tickets couldn't be simpler, just click the link below and choose your venue and date. We'll email you an e-ticket you can print or show on your phone to gain entry to the event. Your ticket not  only gets you in, but also comes with a couple of special gifts from us!

Have a drink on us! & more.

Every ticket booked is also a drinks voucher which lets you have your first drink on us, and that's not all!. Every ticket is also an entry to our event prize draw, which is drawn before the end of the night and the winner will get a bottle of Champagne (not Cava, or Prosecco - the good stuff!) 


As well as your first drink on us, we're also having some cocktail tasting and some free shots throughout the night, included in your entry.


Our party nights are ticket only so to attend you need to book your ticket before you arrive, booking couldn't be easier.

You can book your ticket by clicking the city link below and ordering securely online or texting/calling  us on 

07769 267503, one of the tem will call you can take a card payment over the telephone.

Either way we look forward to seeing you soon, come along and say hi.